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  1. Uzbekistan Airways together with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan, the State Committee for the Development of Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan and domestic tourism companies participate in the 18th international exhibition "Tourism and  Travels "-" KITF-2018 ", which started on April 18 in the Almaty city.

    At this largest tourist forum of the Central Asian region, which takes place in the exhibition complex "Atakent", our republic is represented by a single stand "Uzbekistan".  Visitors of the exhibition can get a vivid and full picture of the rich spiritual and cultural-historical heritage of our country, the world-famous sights created in the country for tourists.  They are also offered extensive information on the activities of  Uzbekistan Airways, its aircraft fleet, international destinations, convenient dockings, special group fares offered by the airline to passengers.  Our stand is also attractive with samples of national clothes, objects of applied art, oriental sweets and dried fruits, and specially prepared pilafs, as well as songs and national dances performed by our dance ensembles.  buy extenze stores

    During the "KITF 2018", which will last until April 20, the specialists of the National Airline plan to hold a number of meetings with representatives of local and foreign travel companies, large hotels, advertising agencies and leading media in Kazakhstan.

     Due to its scale and international format, this exhibition will be an effective tool for establishing new ties and popularizing the services of Uzbekistan Airways and the tourist product of our country on the international market of the tourism industry. 

    Let us note that at present Uzbekistan Airways daily performs regular flights on the route Tashkent-Almaty-Tashkent. buy depakote online no prescription

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  2. From May 9th, 2018, Uzbekistan Airwaysintroduces additional frequencies on international flights on the route Tashkent-Istanbul-Tashkent. The flights will be performed on Wednesdays and Sundays on modern airliners according to the following traffic schedule (LOCAL TIME):


    HY-271 Tashkent 11:00 – Istanbul   14:25

    HY-272 Istanbul   15:45 – Tashkent 22:20


    HY-273 Tashkent 17:20 – Istanbul   20:45

    HY-274 Istanbul   22:45 – Tashkent 05:20+1

  3. Today Uzbekistan Airways transported 233 Japanese tourists from Osaka to Samarkand on special flight. According to tradition guests  were solemnly greeted at the international airport of Samarkand.


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  4. 12 Apr 2018

    On April 12, 2018 a group of Japanese tourists who arrived on April 6, from Narita to Samarkand on short sightseeing tour, flew out to Japan on the flight of Uzbekistan Airways.

    At the international airport of Tashkent named after Islam Karimov guests shared with representatives of the NAC and journalists of the republican media with their impressions about the trip to Uzbekistan. 

    Suzuki Nobuyuki said:

    - This is my  first visit  to Uzbekistan.  I heard about rich ancient history, historical cities with world-famous architectural monuments of your country a lot  and  dreamed of visiting here. I knew about performing of visa-free regime for Japanese tourists and direct flights from Narita to Samarkand and immediately set off on a trip. I have got an unforgettable experience.  I was impressed by beauty and grandeur of your ancient cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.  I can talk about the goodwill and hospitality of the Uzbek people a lot. The taste of your dishes, especially bread, I will remember it for ever.  I became a big fan of Uzbekistan, and I hope that I will come here again.  I would like to express special gratitude to the government of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Airways for the comforts that have been created for us. 

    Yashiro Masumi said:

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    - I have been in Uzbekistan before.  I always use the services of Uzbekistan Airways, as I have more than once been convinced of the professionalism of crews and the safety of flights.  I also really like your meals on board, and, of course, the attentiveness of flight attendants.  I want to say that our peoples have much in common, first of all, the similarity of mentality, common traditions, and historical ties through the Great Silk Road.  I especially must to note the peace and tranquility prevailing in Uzbekistan, which is very important when choosing a country for travel.  I am sure that due to the abolition of the visa regime for the citizens of our country, in future the number of Japanese tourists to Uzbekistan will increase even more. 

    Yashiro Eiji said:

    - As I heard about direct flights of Uzbekistan Airways to Samarkand from Narita, I decided to once again visit Uzbekistan. I wanted to revive my impressions from previous trips.  I talked a lot about your country to my friends, and it's great that they can fly to Samarkand directly from Narita airport.  Especially, when we arrived to Uzbekistan, I saw great changes, Tashkent and Samarkand were transformed beyond recognition through creative work.  But the distinctive feature of the Uzbek people as hospitality, benevolence, tolerance, honor and respect for the elders are preserved.  And I see that these traits and traditions are passed on from generation to generation.  I wish Uzbekistan further prosperity!

    As we noted earlier, the Representative offices of Uzbekistan Airways abroad actively working on development of touristic potential of our country and attraction of tourists to Uzbekistan.  According to the various educational and excursion tours developed jointly with foreign travel companies, numerous tourists from different parts of the world arrive with flights of the National Air Company every day. buy generic differin gel

    In order to create favorable conditions for tourists, Uzbekistan Airways operates direct flights from Japan to Samarkand, from Italy and France to Urgench, as well as from Korea to Fergana and Urgench.

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  5. Uzbekistan Airways transported 208 Japanese tourists from Narita to Samarkand on April 6, 2018. Guests  were solemnly greeted with gifts and bouquets of flowers by representatives of airport,  Uzbekistan Airways, the city administration and the State Committee of Tourism at the international airport of Samarkand.

    According to the program of short sightseeing tour, tourists from Japan will get acquainted with the historical sights of  the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.

    Guests will fly out to Narita  from Tashkent on April 12,2018. zyrtec on sale

    It should be noted that during the spring-summer navigation Uzbekistan Airways, also will perform flights to transport Japanese tourists to Samarkand from the cities of Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka.

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  6. “Uzbekistan Airways” and the airline “Malaysia Airlines” expand cooperation within the Code-Share agreement, according to this agreement the passengers of the NAC have the opportunity to fly from Tashkent to the Malaysian resorts - Langkawi Island and the city of Kota Kinabalu and back. Regular flights are carried out through the airport of Kuala Lumpur together with the airline "Malaysia Airlines".

    Flights from Tashkent to Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu are performed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, return flights on Wednesdays and Fridays.

    If you are a participant of the frequent flying passengers Program of the NAC “UzAirPlus”, for purchasing a ticket to the destinations mentioned above within the Code-Share agreement, you will be credited points for both transportation routes: Tashkent - Kuala Lumpur - Langkawi, Tashkent - Kuala Lumpur - Kota Kinabalu.

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    Air tickets can be purchased at all sales offices of Uzbekistan Airways. Detailed information on flights can be found by calling 998 (71) 140-02-00. asacol 800 mg tablets

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  7. Uzbekistan Airways transported 60 Japanese tourists on the route Tokio-Narita-Tashkent on April 10, 2018. Guests were greeted at the international airport “Tashkent” named after Islam Karimov by representatives of Uzbekistan Airways and mass media. where do you buy viagra in canada

    According to the program of short sightseeing tour, tourists from Japan will get acquainted with the historical sights of Tashkent and ancient architectural of the cities of Urgench, Samarkand and Bukhara.

    Guests will fly out to Japan from Tashkent on April 16,2018.

    It should be noted that after performing visa-free regime for citizens of Japan in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Airways began perform flights according to special program on transportation of Japanese tourists to Samarkand from the cities of Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka on Mondays and Thursdays.

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  8. 04 Apr 2018
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    A group of tourists from London arrived to the capital of Uzbekistan  by regular flight  of Uzbekistan Airways on the route London-Tashkent. 40 citizens of of Bangladeshi origin, came on a pilgrimage ("ziyorat") tourism program.

    British tourists were greeted by representatives of Uzbekistan Airways and the republican media in the international airport "Tashkent" named after  Islam Karimov. 

    During a short sightseeing tour, guests will get acquainted with the historical sights of the capital, the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and worship the holy places of the Islamic religion in our country.

    It should be noted that, in pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan  "On Additional Organizational Measures to Create Favorable Conditions for the Development of the Tourism Potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the representative offices of Uzbekistan Airways are actively working on the formation of a tourist flow to our country through the pilgrimage program.  Currently, together with travel companies, various short-term educational tours to holy places in Uzbekistan and combined tourist packages are being developed to attract "direct" and transit tourists.

    - We have heard a lot about your amazing country, well-preserved architectural monuments, your ancient traditions and customs, which are observed  to this day, and, of course, the hospitality of the Uzbek people, - said the organizer of the trip and the head of the group, the teacher of Manchester  University  Mahmood  Afzaal.  - We really wanted to visit your land, touch the mysteries of Sufism and worship the holy places, and at the same time get acquainted with the rich history and culture of Uzbekistan.  And we are glad that today we had such an opportunity. During the seven-day tour of your country, we plan to make a pilgrimage to the shrines of Sufism in Samarkand and Bukhara.  I note that the unforgettable oriental flavor and special attitude to the guest we felt already on the board of the plane "Uzbekistan Airways".  We were impressed by the responsiveness and friendly attitude, as well as the hospitality of the airline employees, for which I want to express special gratitude.

    - I am very glad that my dream of seeing Uzbekistan with my own eyes and touching on the mysteries of Sufism has come true today, - says business consultant Catherine Maeve.  - Arrived perfectly, special thanks to the team "Uzbekistan Airways", which, during a long flight, surrounded us with attention.  Your country has a huge touristic potential, the cultural heritage of your sunshine republic is very popular among tourists from all over the world.  It is my first visit to Uzbekistan, and I am looking forward to acquaintance with the unique ancient monuments of the history of the Great Silk Road, which contain a part of a thousand-year history, about which I read a lot.  I want to taste Uzbek cuisine and world famous your oriental sweets.  I am sure that I will take with me an unforgettable experience and I hope that more than once I will be lucky to visit your country.

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  9. 04 Apr 2018

    A bilateral visa-free regime has been established with Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days), Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

    From February 10, 2018, a visa-free regime is introduced for 30 days period for citizens of 7 countries: Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.

    The visa-free regime applies to citizens of these countries, holders of all categories of passports (diplomatic, service and civil) planning to visit the Republic of Uzbekistan for up to 30 days, regardless of the purpose of their trip. In order to enter the country, a person must have a valid national passport or another substitute document used for travel to foreign countries. buy ashwagandha plant mumbai

    The visa-free regime does not apply to stateless persons permanently residing in the territories of these countries.

    Accordingly, the visa-free regime is valid for 30 days from the date of entry into Uzbekistan. Before the end of the 30-day visa-free stay period, a foreign citizen must leave the Republic of Uzbekistan. Exceeding the 30-day visa-free stay is recognized as violation of the Rules of stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    Accordingly, if it is necessary to stay in Uzbekistan for more than 30 days, a foreign citizen must obtain an entry visa to the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the established procedure, corresponding to the purpose of his trip.

    From February 10, 2018, simplified procedure for issuing tourist visas is introduced for citizens of 39 countries (list is given below), that implies getting visa within two working days, not counting the day of receiving documents, with the cancellation of the requirement to provide a tourist voucher or an inviting legal / physical person in the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Previously, the simplified procedure for issuing visas was available for citizens of Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Czech Republic and Poland. panax ginseng root extract sale

    Tourists from these countries are given multiple-entry visas for up to 1 month, and representatives of the business community for up to 1 year, without requiring a tour voucher or an invitation from an inviting legal or physical person in Uzbekistan to the Uzbek Foreign Ministry. Visas are issued within 2 working days, not counting the day of receipt of documents. order viagra overnight delivery

    The list of countries whose citizens can use simplified procedure for the issuing of tourist visas since February 10, 2018.

    1. Australia

    2. Republic of Albania

    3. Andorra

    4. Republic of Bulgaria

    5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    6. Canada

    7. People’s Republic of China (including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)

    8. Republic of Croatia

    9. Republic of Finland generic propecia cheap

    10. Hungary

    11. Republic of Greece

    12. Kingdom of Denmark

    13. Republic of Estonia

    14. Republic of India naltrexone-cheap

    15. Ireland

    16. Iceland

    17. State of Kuwait

    18. Republic of Lithuania

    19. Liechtenstein

    20. Luxembourg how old do you have to be to buy benadryl

    21. Republic of Macedonia

    22. Republic of Malta

    23. Monaco

    24. Montenegro

    25. Kingdom of the Netherlands

    26. New Zealand

    27. Kingdom of Norway atenolol 50 mg tabletten

    28. Sultanate of Oman

    29. Republic of Portugal buy zoloft cheap

    30. Romania

    31. Republic of San Marino

    32. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    33. Republic of Serbia co-diovan cheap you

    34. Slovak Republic

    35. Republic of Slovenia

    36. Kingdom of Sweden

    37. United Arab Emirates where to buy omeprazole 20 mg

    38. United States of America

    39. Vatican


  10. "Uzbekistan Airways" from April 29th , 2018 introduces additional frequency of flights for the routes Samarkand-Kazan-Samarkand and Fergana-Kazan-Fergana.

    The flights on the route  Samarkand-Kazan-Samarkand will be performed on Sundays oncomfortable airliners A320  according to the following traffic schedule (local time): where to buy lamisil pills

    Sunday:  HY-697 Samarkand 19:55 - Kazan 21:30

    Sunday: HY-698 Kazan 22:50 - Samarkand 04:20+1

    The flights on the route  Fergana-Kazan-Fergana will be performed on Tuesdayson comfortable airliners A320 according to the following traffic schedule (local time): buy benadryl allergy relief ultratab tablets

    Tuesday: HY-651 Fergana 22:20 - Kazan 00:05+1

    Wednesday : HY-652 Kazan 01:30 - Fergana 07:00.