1. Today, August 16, 2018 the aircraft belonged to Tajik Air landed at the Tashkent International Airport named after I. Karimov, as it arrived for technical maintenance to be fulfilled by “Uzbekistan Airways Technics”, which is part of the Uzbekistan Airways. It is symbolic that the Boeing 757-200 passenger plane of the Tajik airline flew to Tashkent on the eve of the official visit of the President of Tajikistan to Uzbekistan. asacol 800 mg tablets

    This is not the first Tajik Air’s airliner, which is being serviced by “Uzbekistan Airways Technics”. Mutually beneficial cooperation between “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” (UAT) and Tajik Air has been established since 2016. In January 2018, UAT experts performed their C-check works on Tajik Air’s Boeing 767.

    It should be noted that “Uzbekistan Airways Technics”, as a part of Uzbekistan Airways, has the necessary technical base and qualified personnel to provide all types of maintenance and repair of Western-made aircraft. The Uzbekistan Airways’ capacities allow almost all labour-intensive forms of maintenance – from painting to overhaul – not only for their aircraft, but also to provide these services to foreign air carriers.

    UAT provides annual maintenance and repairs services for SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, Tajik Air and other foreign air carriers. By the end of 2018, one more aircraft of the named Tajik airline is expected to arrive for the MRO, as well as negotiations are underway with long-standing partners, such as Turkmenistan Airlines and some Russian airlines. exelon verizon discount

  2. 15 Aug 2018

    The NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" during the autumn-winter navigation opens a new direction to Mumbai (India).

    Regular passenger flights on the route Tashkent-Mumbai-Tashkent will begin from October 30th , 2018 with a frequency of three times a week. Flights will be performed on comfortable A320 aircraft on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the following traffic schedule (LOCAL TIME): how old do you have to be to buy benadryl

    Tuesday and Friday: HY-427 Tashkent 00:05 - Mumbai 04:45

    Tuesday and Friday: HY-428 Mumbai 07:45 - Tashkent 11:20 buy depakote online no prescription

    Wednesday: HY-427 Tashkent 08:40 - Mumbai 13:25

    Wednesday: HY-428 Mumbai 14:55 - Tashkent 18:30

  3. 15 Aug 2018
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    The NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" from October 28th , 2018 introduces regular passenger flights on the route Tashkent-Jeddah-Tashkent with a frequency of two times a week. Up to the date, flights to Jeddah were performed on a charter basis as part of the Hajj program. order viagra overnight delivery

    Flights from Tashkent to Jeddah and back will be performed on comfortable Boeing 767 aircraft on Tuesdays and Sundays according to the following schedule (LOCAL TIME):

    Tuesday and Sunday: HY-335 Tashkent 17:50 - Jeddah 21:00

    Tuesday and Sunday: HY-336 Jeddah 22:30 - Tashkent 05: 10 + 1

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  4. Uzbekistan Airways fixes specialIndependence Day fares forall domestic flights - gift to allresidents and tourists of the republic. The special reduced fares are available from August 31st to September 4th , 2018 during the celebration of the 27th anniversary of Independence Day of Uzbekistan:

    30 % - for individual passengers; buy cafergot online no prescription

    40 % - for tourist groups (5 or more people), schoolchildren, students of colleges, lyceums and universities, students and listeners of special educational institutions of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education, State Security Service, State Tax Committee, State Customs Committee and other departments;

    50 % - for a family (2 or more people, husband and wife; husband, wife and their children to the age of 18; father or mother who follow children up to the age of 18); cheap atripla

    50 % - for pensioners and persons with disabilities;

    50 % - for participants of the war of 1941-1945 and equated to them, as well as for persons awarded orders and medals for selfless labor and perfect military service in the rear during the Second World War;

    50 % - for the participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

    &The discounts apply to all domestic flights, which are carried out on August 31st , on September 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 2018.

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  5. 10 Aug 2018

    This year, more than 1,100 companies of Southeast Asian countries engaged in the tourism industry, present their services at the 23rd  international touristic  exhibition "Thai International Travel Fair - 2018", which takes place in Bangkok from August 9 to 12.  These are national and regional travel companies, prestigious hotels, resorts, air carriers, insurance companies, travel agencies, suppliers of travel equipment, etc. The organizer of this exhibition is the Association of Thai Tour Operators (TTAT). generic propecia cheap

    Uzbekistan Airways participates in this fair together with the Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Kingdom of Thailand and entrusted agents of the airline for the sale of transportation "Travelers Design Club" and "Thai Air Services".  The stand of Uzbekistan Airways, decorated with thematic banners depicting the symbols of the NAC and the sights of Uzbekistan, attracts the attention of many specialists of the tourism industry and amateurs of traveling.  Video materials about the NAC and sights of Uzbekistan, booklets with the schedule of flights of the airline and information about the fleet, brochures "10 Reasons to visit Uzbekistan" in English and Thai, handicrafts, ethnic clothes, traditional Uzbek sweets and dried fruits presented at the stand of the airline,  are of great interest to visitors to the stand.  A convenient schedule of flights operated by the national air carrier five times a week on the route Tashkent-Bangkok-Tashkent, a rich culture and ancient history of our region, the level of security in the republic, simplified procedure for obtaining visas, and proposed tours around the republic's cities are a good reason to visit Uzbekistan.

    During the exhibition, the specialists of the NAC planned to hold a series of negotiations with representatives of international travel companies and potential partners in the promotion of air transportation between Uzbekistan and South-East Asia.

    Also, with the support of the organizers of the fair, it is planned to draw 2 free air tickets on the route Bangkok-Tashkent-Bangkok on the main stage of the exhibition complex.  Information on air tickets and touristic potential of Uzbekistan will be broadcast on all monitors of the complex, which will provide a large-scale advertising of the tourist potential of our republic and NAC among the exhibitors.

    Participation of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" in this exhibition will undoubtedly contribute to the promotion of the airline's services in the international market of air transportation and popularization of the tourism potential of Uzbekistan among the population of Thailand.

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  6. 09 Aug 2018

    From September 15th, 2018, the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" introduces regular passenger flights on the route Tashkent-Vladivostok-Tashkent with a frequency of one times a week.

    Up to the date, the airline carried out flights in this direction on a charter program.

    Flights from Tashkent to Vladivostok and back will be performed on comfortable Boeing-767 aircraft on Saturdays according to the following traffic schedule (LOCAL TIME):

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    HY-707 Tashkent 08:30 - Vladivostok 20:10

    HY-708 Vladivostok 22:00 - Tashkent 00:40 + 1

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  7. 08 Aug 2018

    On August 6-7, 2018 Open Days were held at the Training Center of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" in connection with the upcoming selection of candidates for training in initial training courses for pilots. do you buy presents confirmation

    The candidates met with the airline's management and the faculty of the center at the meeting hall of the Training Center.

    The meeting, which was held in the format of an active dialogue, began with a demonstration of the presentation film about "Uzbekistan Airways". The director Stanislav Gurfinkel and experienced teachers of the Training Center of the NAC gave information to young people wishing to master the romantic profession of the pilot and conquer the sky, about the airline's activities, the establishment of the Training Center and the years of its formation, the technical equipment of the center for today and the services offered for specialists of civil aviation. The age, medical and other requirements were stated, which must be met by candidates for training in initial training courses for pilots, deadlines for accepting documents and their required list, stages of competitive selection and other issues of interest to candidates. It is specially noted that the entire process of selection of candidates is organized as transparently as possible and will be produced by its audio and video recording.

    Recall that the selection for the initial training of pilots allowed persons aged 21 to 27 years, citizens of Uzbekistan who have completed higher education in the technical profile (bachelor's or master's), a military ticket with the mark "recognized fit for military service," owning state and Russian languages in the amount necessary to master the training program, as well as the English language at a level no lower than 6.0 on the nine-point scale of the international system of knowledge assessment IELTS, which is confirmed by the certificate. atenolol 50 mg tabletten

    The selection of candidates will be organized in three stages: 1st stage - medical and professional-psychological examination, 2nd stage - examination in higher mathematics, 3rd stage - examination in physics. Requirements for health status of candidates are elevated. The medical requirements, exam questions can be found on the official website of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways"

    The expected date for the beginning of documents acceptance is September 10, 2018, the exact date will be announced on the official website of “Uzbekistan Airways” and in the media. buy cheap generic levitra

    Reception of documents will be carried out in the Training Center of the NAC at the address: 120, Kumarik Street, Tashkent.

  8. 03 Aug 2018
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    The international airport "Kazan" has summed up the results of the competition of punctuality among the air companies-partners of the air harbor. amoxicillin pill looks like

    The NAC “Uzbekistan Airways”  having taken the leading positions in the rating on the timely implementation of regular passenger traffic for the periods "Summer 2017" and "Winter 2017/2018", is recognized as the most punctual airline in the category "CIS and Far Abroad Airlines" and was awarded with the diploma of Kazan airport .

    Currently, the Uzbekistan Airways conducts regular passenger flights to Kazan from Tashkent twice a week - on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Fergana - once a week on Fridays.

    Flights are carried out on comfortable aircraft Аirbus А320.

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  9. 03 Aug 2018

    The National Air company "Uzbekistan Airways" was awarded the Eurasian award in the field of aviation marketing at the NETWORK 2018 forum in Kazan. can i take sleeping pills with claritin

    Representation of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" took part in the Eurasian Forum on the development of the routes - Network 2018, which was held from July 29th  to August 1st  in Kazan.

    Representatives of airlines, airports, regional touristic centers, tourist operators from all regions of the world, federal and regional authorities responsible for the development of aviation infrastructure and tourism were invited to participate in the four-day forum.

    NETWORK's important event was a networking program where participants - representatives of more than 200 well-known airlines of the world - were able to hold business meetings in the "B2B" format and discuss potential cooperation in the field of expansion of route networks, strategic airline planning and trends in the industry as a whole.

    Within the framework of the forum was held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Eurasian award in the field of aviation marketing among airports, airlines and civil aviation enterprises of the Eurasian region.  The national airline of Uzbekistan was awarded the prize in the nomination "MARKETING AWARDS 2018".

    Reference: The Eurasian Prize was established by the Russian Center for Strategic Developments in Civil Aviation and provides for the selection of laureates through an objective assessment of the measured criteria and qualitative characteristics of the activities of airlines and airports in terms of commercial and marketing activities.

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  10. 03 Aug 2018

    Uzbekistan Airways together with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia and 20 touristic companies of Uzbekistan participate in business meetings in the B2B format, which take place from August  2nd  to 4th , 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    In the framework of meetings organized with the assistance of the Association of Private Tourist Organizations of Uzbekistan (APTO) with the aim of promoting Uzbekistan  as a priority touristic destination, negotiations are planned with the participation of more than 50 Malaysian tour operators.  Also on August 5-7, is planned to visit the states of Johor and Penang to establish cooperation with travel companies of these regions.

    Business meetings in the B2B format will serve as a good platform for bilateral cooperation and strengthening the ties between the Association of Private Tourist Organizations of Uzbekistan and MATTA in the field of tourism, as well as for developing a coherent mechanism to promote Uzbek touristic product in the Malaysian market and the participation of travel companies in international tourism  exhibitions and fairs held on the territory of the two countries.

    Reference: "MATTA FAIR" is an exhibition-sale, operating exclusively in the format "B2C" (Business to Customer).

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